Q&A: Finding the Right Exercises

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Chanelle Fagan
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Why won't they even TELL us current members that SSTV is going away ?? I've really lost respect for the organization. It's just a marketing ploy to get folks to buy the new SS program. I feel gypped at not even having the option for paying for a yearly membership now. I bought SS, MM and have been a full subscriber to SS TV for two years, until I was dropped (sub expired in Dec.) and not given an explanation or an option to renew. I hate that I will be leaving SS with a "bad taste" in my mouth because of this. They have no consideration for past loyal buyers and members.
thats why I cancelled my membership. - a very passive year - with only very few videos. In the last year I do not want to pay for nothing.. Old members should have had a free new years membership. But this is a moneymachine, so do'nt even think about it.
I too am waiting for new videos AND a way to REsubscribe as a paid member for access to those videos. The site, even tho it says it's taking me to pay for an update, goes nowhere. I emailed the proper person to ask, but that was several days ago. No response. What is happening to SSTV?? Anyone know. Are they revamping it for SS360 or something?
book a lesson, book a lesson....
No new videos in five months? Come on, guys...
I can't believe this was the last video put up!! BACK IN JUNE!! Where are the new videos?
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